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A Bankless, Decentralized, Privacy-First content subscription protocol for creators.

Welcome to web3

What is BackedBy?

BackedBy is a privacy-first, decentralized payment protocol made for creators.

Using the power of smart contracts and decentralized cryptography, BackedBy lets creators post exclusive content directly to their subscribers–without a platform. No outside entity, bank, or service can get between you and your supporters ever again. And we only take 1%!



make whatever you want and publish your content directly to the blockchain


support your favorite creators knowing that 99% goes to the artists


own the platform and build your business with unlimited freedom and privacy-first

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web3 can be confusing. But the benefits are enormous. If we’re missing something from this list, please let us know!

BackedBy is collection of smart contracts that lets creators post exclusive content to subscribers to pay a monthly membership fee to access your content. The difference is that you have complete ownership over your platform. We’re serious: you own the platform on the blockchain the same way you own cryptocurrency that’s in your wallet. Payment processing and content hosting is powered by the immutability and security of web3.

If you want to create and monetize it, the current platforms are not only expensive, but they could seriously hurt your business. Constantly changing rules that are arbitrarily enforced means there’s no guarantee your content will be shared or supported in the future. And making your own platform is expensive and insecure, and still beholden to the companies who might censor it. Using BackedBy keeps you safe from demonetization, deplatforming, de-anything. It’s cheaper, and being on the blockchain, it has significant advantages over web2! It’s a big step forward for content creators.

Backers: Put USDC in your wallet (a secure and reliable stable coin that maps 1:1 with the US Dollar), subscribe to a creator to access their premium content, and your monthly subscription is automatically withdrawn from your wallet every month until you cancel. It’s that easy!

Creators: Make a project, set up your tier subscription levels, and start posting. USDC will show up in your wallet automatically as you build subscribers.

You own your data. And it’s encrypted. We can’t even see it. All of the data related to your profile and your BackedBy project is stored in decentralized smart contracts and on the Inter Planetary File System. If the backed.by website goes down, your content and subscriptions will still exist in those places.

We do not store any password information because there are no passwords in web3; your wallet verifies your account ownership using asymmetric private/public key encryption. Likewise, paying subscribers gain privileged access to your posts with their verified wallets.

You can give us your email if you want, but you don’t have to.

No. The experience for both backers and subscribers will be similar to other apps you’ve used online. The only differences are: your wallet is your login, and you need to have tokens instead of using your credit card. If you need some help getting started, check out our Getting Started.

BackedBy is a protocol. It’s a set of immutable smart contracts on the blockchain that cannot be reversed or updated. Your projects cannot be deleted or altered except by you. Your subscribers cannot be canceled or removed except by them. If you want to read more about the power of the blockchain as it pertains to censorship, click here.

Creators build platforms. Not tech companies. We want to reward early creators on BackedBy for their participation by giving them a share of ownership in the protocol. Click here for more information.

Where are we going with this?

The BackedBy Roadmap



MVP Launch on Mainnet


A functional version of BackedBy that allows creators to make profiles, projects, set up tiers for membership access, and post content to IPFS encrypted by the Lit Protocol. 

Users will be able to subscribe to any membership tier for a monthly fee to purchase access to said content.



Monetized Messaging


Let creators monetize direct messages from their supporters through an encrypted chat.



ERC20 Tokens


Oracle-based payment conversions. Fund and support projects using ERC-20 tokens, including BAT, DOGE and WBTC. Multi-owner wallet recipients and oracle based payment systems.



Crowd Funding


Want to fund your dream? Let supporters support your creation without worrying about middle-men and censors, and for less!